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I help burned-out teachers avoid throwing it all away and reignite their passion for having a massive impact.

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Imagine …

No longer sitting through professional development sessions on teacher self-care that only offer toxic positivity and band-aid solutions.

Wayne’s take action talk provides …

Scientifically proven strategies that reduce stress and increase happiness.
Simple solutions that can be incorporated into a hectic work schedule.

Systems proven by an in-the-trenches teacher, not theories from an “expert”.

It’s time to abandon the feel-good, self-help cliches and give teachers workable solutions that help them recover from burnout and reignite their passion for teaching.

That’s what Wayne does in a vulnerable, funny, and thoughtful presentation that motivates teachers to take action to thrive instead of merely survive.

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About Wayne

Wayne Basinger is a highly-rated motivational speaker with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience.


He conducts professional development seminars at conferences throughout the state of California, combining classroom experience with creative and inspiring ideas that motivate and transform his audiences.

I really enjoyed Wayne's session on SEL for teachers. In particular, I have been using his time management tools to help me deal with time/task stress. It’s been incredibly helpful.

Nicole Lalumiere

PBIS Teacher

Weaver Middle School

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Wayne's Talk's

Talk Topics

Teachers Need SEL Too 

Does your district list teacher wellness as a priority but never offer anything other than toxic positivity and band-aid solutions? I am a classroom teacher who shares scientifically-proven, teacher-focused self-care strategies that empower you to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions to decrease stress and increase happiness.

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Stress-Free SEL Strategies

Does your district pay lip service to social-emotional learning but never provides any curriculum beyond self-help cliches? I offer practical, free, and ready-to-use lesson plans that utilize the best research in positive psychology and philosophy to move social-emotional learning from theory to practice.

Countering Negative Self-Talk

Does your perfectionism leave you burned out and exhausted? I offer a powerful strategy that brings to light the negative self-talk that makes you feel like you are never good enough. Once you identify those thoughts, I will help you reframe those thoughts to move from being burned out to passionate about your job and life.

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Amy Morrison
LOTE department chair
Cleveland High School, LAUSD

Mr. Basinger is the most engaging presenter. Whenever his sessions are offered, they are so popular that they are often standing-room only. His unique brand of infusing humor, SEL, and ready-to-use resources never disappoints. One of his sessions compared the selfie to great artists' self-portraits, making me rethink my views of digital media. I am so inspired by his presentations that I asked him to co-present with me at an upcoming conference.


Connect with Wayne

818 885 2342

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